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Long Term Resident Finds a Home Because of Ian!

Hurricane Ian was a devastating event for many, but for one rescue dog, Marti, Ian was a life-saver!

Marti came to FLUFF Rescue, pregnant and scared. After only one week in a temporary foster home, Marti gave birth to 9 healthy puppies! She remained timid and frightened by new people and other dogs, and as her pups grew, Marti became extremely possessive of her pups and her people. When it was time for her babies to find their forever families, Marti was place into the rescue resource center for training, socialization and with the hopes of finding her special someone. She remained guarded in her kennel, but staff and rescue volunteers quickly won Marti over with chicken and belly rubs.

Fast forward to news posts of Hurricane Ian rapidly approaching West Central Florida, while staff and volunteers of FLUFF began to implement operation "Clear the Shelter". Everyone who was residing in the thrift store/rescue center was relocated to the safety of temporary foster homes for the storm. Marti was no exception, and when an amazing lady stepped up to take her in, it was love at first sight. Marti bonded with Lesa in an instant, and staff and volunteers at FLUFF were hopeful that Lesa would realize just how much Mama Marti needed her - not just for the storm, but forever...

The rest is history, as Marti and Lesa begin their new life together. Congratulations!!

We are forever grateful for the fosters and volunteers who selflessly give of their time and talents to save the lives of animals who have been mistreated, abandoned and neglected. If you would like to partner with us to save lives, please visit our "Help Page":

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