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#ASafePlaceToPaws is the hashtag. A safe place to pause is the reason. Right now, the struggle to stay alive is real for so many animals. Healthy animals of all ages, colors, shapes and sizes are being displaced at alarming rates, and many are left to die in over-crowded, under-funded animal shelters across the Southeast. Even with proper funding, country shelters can only house so many. Sure, there are many rescues who are making a difference by taking in animals from shelters and owners who can no longer care for their pets, but the number of pets needing a home greatly exceeds the number of foster homes and shelter kennels available. Where will the animals go? Who will care for them? How do we solve the underlying issues which lead to animal over-population, and ultimately, euthanasia for many? Someone needs to step up and do something. Someone needs to speak up for those who have no voice. Someone, somewhere cares about the puppies who are growing up in Kennel A-140. Their time is up and they could all be euthanized for space tomorrow. But how do we save them?

#ASafePlaceToPaws is what they need. A place where they can go to decompress from the shelter environment and learn how to be good dogs, faithful companions, best friends, lizard hunters, fiercely loyal and unconditionally loving members of a family. These puppies, and thousands of others are in need of #ASafePlaceToPaws until they find their forever home. This is where we come in.

FLUFF Animal Rescue provides A Safe Place To Paws for so many, and has provided medical care, foster homes, and love to more than 2500 animals since 2016. FLUFF Animal Rescue gives these animals a place to help them transition from shelter to family, #ASafePlaceToPaws. With over 100 foster homes, 200 volunteers and thousands of caring donors just like you, FLUFF Animal Rescue IS Making A Difference in the lives of so many.

This is where YOU come in. We need you to consider making a one time or monthly contribution to our #ASafePlaceToPaws capital campaign. We have the plan, and have made an offer on the property which will enable us to save three times the number of animals as our current capacity...3 X's! That's THREE instead of one-making a huge difference for the other two who would have been left behind. We have the dream to save them, and YOU can make this dream a reality TODAY!

The property acquisition depends on you, our supporters, and in return, we will support our community with a low/no cost vaccine and microchip clinic, a free dog/cat food bank for pet owners in need, a place to adopt your new best friend, and #ASafePlaceToPaws for these animals who desperately need us!


  • Monetary Donation or Sponsorship

  • Volunteer your Time, Talents or Treasures

  • Share Our Story

  • Foster or Adopt

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