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A foster family cares for our rescue dogs in their home until the dog is adopted.

The foster family is one of the most important roles, as without fosters, we would not be able to rescue as many dogs as we do.

The more foster families we have, the more dogs we can rescue from high kill shelters.

Fluff covers all expenses and supplies for the dog while with their foster family.

The foster family cares for the dog until adoption which may be anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months.

It’s sometimes hard to give up a foster dog, once you care for him/her, but remember his heart still beats because you opened your heart & home, and you get to do it all over again with your next foster!

It does get easier and is a wonderfully rewarding experience for the whole family.

Especially when you see happy ending photos of your foster with their new family.

Complete a Foster Application today & be part of our life saving mission!

If you are considering Fostering to Adopt, Please complete an adoption Application, not a Foster Application!  Thank you!

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