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"The righteous care for the needs of their animals"

Proverbs 12:10

FLUFF Animal Rescue exists to save lives and Make a Difference!  Through community awareness, assistance, education and rescue, we aim to confront

animal over-population and shelter over-crowding.

(a foster-based community rescue, 501c3 public, not-for-profit charity).

Kimmy Chandler  Founder

Kimmy Chandler, Founder of FLUFF Animal Rescue began saving lives at an early age.  “Finding homes for unwanted and abandoned animals has always been a passion,” says Chandler.  Since the age of 15, Kimmy has been a teacher to students of all ages-both inside and out of the classroom and has been caring for stray and resident animals as a display of her belief that “It is our job to care for God’s creatures”.  In 2016, Chandler was able to realize her full potential as a teacher and animal rescuer, and during an afternoon luncheon with her immediate family, a new community non-profit rescue was born.  Then 6-yr-old daughter, Alex coined the name “FLUFF”, and both Alex and the rescue have grown substantially over the past 5 years.  “We have seen many faces come and go since our inception, but I am confident with a solid team of animal lovers by my side, the animals will always win”. 

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