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Kimmy Chandler 


Kimmy Chandler, Founder of FLUFF Animal Rescue began saving lives at an early age.  “Finding homes for unwanted and abandoned animals has always been a passion,” says Chandler.  Since the age of 15, Kimmy has been a teacher to students of all ages-both inside and out of the classroom and has been caring for stray and resident animals as a display of her belief that “It is our job to care for God’s creatures”.  In 2016, Chandler was able to realize her full potential as a teacher and animal rescuer, and during an afternoon luncheon with her immediate family, a new community non-profit rescue was born.  Then 6-yr-old daughter, Alex coined the name “FLUFF”, and both Alex and the rescue have grown substantially over the past 5 years.  “We have seen many faces come and go since our inception, but I am confident with a solid team of animal lovers by my side, the animals will always win”. 

debbie photo.jpg

Debbie Hauk

Foster Coordinator

I have been an animal lover since I was a child. I have always been an advocate of adoption and shelter pets. When I heard about Fluff Animal Rescue I knew I had to get involved.
  The day I pulled into the parking lot of Fluff I felt a stirring in my heart and knew I was on the right path. After meeting Kimmy and witnessing her love and devotion to the animals , I knew I needed to be more involved.
  I have been a hairdresser for 30 yrs. I decided it was time for a change, how can I use my skills to help the animals? Grooming!!!! So I quit my hairdressing job and went to grooming school. Now I can help our rescues by grooming them and work on all of my lovely doggie clients as well.
 My motto has always been ,”Be the change you want to see in the world” and I feel kindness to animals is definitely a change I want to see.  I am so blessed to be a full-time part of the FLUFF team!

With the Pups.jpg

Kelly McLaughlin 

Adoption Coordinator

Kelly is originally from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Her life-long dream was to live near the beaches, she now resides in Seminole, Florida with her husband and 3 dogs, and is fulfilling her dream of living in paradise. Kelly has 25+ years of experience in Administration, previously working for 2 of the largest Real Estate companies in Minnesota. Kelly came to FLUFF as a volunteer-pursuing her passion for animals.  Kelly began helping behind the scenes, and has become an integral part of the FLUFF team.  As adoption coordinator, Kelly receives, vets and approves hundreds of adoption applications, placing our rescues into the most loving homes!  In her spare time, Kelly is also a foster mom and administrative assistant to both the rescue and retail operations, making her an integral part of our FLUFF team!


Dana Molta

Animal Care Specialist/

Kennel Tech Coordinator

Dana joined the FLUFF team recently as a volunteer and a foster mom.  After adopting her first foster ("foster fail"), Dana became more involved with the care and handling of the rescue animals.  After a very short stint as a volunteer, FLUFF is blessed to call Dana a "staff" member, as she pours her heart, time and talents into the animals daily.  Dana's organizational and leadership skills make her an important part of the team.

marilyn bio photo.jpg

Marilyn Job

Executive Bookkeeper

Hello, my name is Marilyn Job. I am a native to Pinellas County. I have known Kimmy, the president of the board for 23 years, and have always admired her passion for rescuing animals. I am finally blessed to have the opportunity share her passion. I have finished two careers, 27 Years as a carrier in the United States Post Office and 21 years in the Army National Guard with 2 deployments. I am excited to have this opportunity to make a difference and save lives. I offer financial investments as well as my experience in organization, administration and financial management to the rescue and re-tail store operations. My goal is to facilitate an efficient and purposeful use of resources and offer bookkeeping and accounting support as well as office management whenever possible.  I am thankful to be an important part of the FLUFF team.


Andria Gibbon 

Volunteer Coordinator 

Andria Gibbon has been involved with animal rescue for over 20 years from fostering to transport to dog training and coordinating/volunteering at adoption and fundraising events.  Her favorite dogs to work with are the ones that need a little extra special attention.   Her full-time work is in the trade show industry and a job opportunity brought her and her husband to the St Pete area from NJ back in September 2019.  After getting settled, she began the search for an animal rescue to get involved in, and found Kimmy and FLUFF!   She joined the team first as a foster parent, but has continued to invest her time and talents to take on the role of Volunteer and Event Coordinator, dedicating her spare time in a variety of areas in the rescue whenever possible.

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