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Never Walk Alone...

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Ever wonder where your beloved furry family members would live

if something happened to you? 


Ever wonder who would care for them like you do if you are no longer able to provide?


So many times, we leave our pets alone, knowing that we will see them again when we return.  What happens when we don’t return?


                    Who will greet their wagging tails, purring souls and hopeful hearts?

  • Sometimes there are provisions left in a will.

  • Sometimes, family members are left with the daunting task of caring for our beloved pets when we are gone or incapacitated.

  • Sometimes our pets are left completely confused, bereft and alone with no one to feed or comfort them.

  • Sadly, we see this and so many other situations where families are scrambling to locate a shelter or rescue for pets whose owners have passed on or have been hospitalized, with no plan in place for their pets.

  • Many pets are separated from their furry siblings in order                                                      to find places for them to live after their owners are gone.

Most shelters and rescues operate at capacity and have no additional resources to care for our beloved pets once we are gone.  This is where FLUFF Rescue and Sanctuary can help your pets to “Never Walk Alone”. Our Never Alone Assurance program begins with an assessment of your current situation via application, listing the number of furry family members who will need provision when you are no longer able to care for them.  FLUFF will design an agreement with your pet(s) in mind, clearly stating where and when we will begin to step in and help as needed.  FLUFF will rely on it’s many foster homes, partner rescues and sanctuary property to assist in placing your pet(s), together if bonded, into a safe and loving environment, for the rest of their natural life– giving you instant peace of mind for their future.  In return, we will count on your monthly contribution (to be designated at the time of initial assessment) to help offset the costs of rescue operations.


We see this as an opportunity to partner with you to guarantee a secure future for your furry loved ones, and an opportunity for you to assist with operational costs while you are still able to love on your furry friend, and see the difference your continual contributions are making!


If you are ready for peace of mind and a secure future for your pet(s), complete this brief application to be considered for our Never Walk Alone Assurance Program.

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